nautilus PHASE 1 - PREDESIGN

The goals, requirements, and parameters are established so your project heads in the right direction from the start.


  • Develop a list of wants and needs, set goals, and establish a budget.
  • (For a renovation or addition), measure, photograph, and construct drawings of existing conditions.
  • Explore zoning and other municipal regulations as may affect the design.
  • Analyze the site limitations and possibilities (using a survey prepared by a surveyor or civil engineer).


  • Spend time with the Client and elicit input from them to develop a clear understanding of who they are and what they want from the project.
  • Evaluate this information in relation to the site and context of the project.


Gather thoughts, requirements, and ideas you’ve been considering, in words or pictures (Clients have often already assembled a scrapbook filled with images of spaces, looks, materials, and products they admire). Convey to the Architect any and all information that will help them to understand what it is you expect to achieve through this project.


The Architect prepares a written description of the spaces, look and feel of the project, a blueprint for the blueprint if you will, as well as information about the site and regulations that may affect the design.