nautilus Phase 2 - Schematic Design

The basic layout and look of the project are identified.


  • Explore design possibilities in sketch form.
  • Evaluate potential solutions and develop one or more in plan and elevation.
  • Meet to review and discuss potential solutions.
  • Modify and develop the design until everyone agrees it represents an ideal solution.


  • Distill the project’s essence from the information assembled in phase 1.
  • Combine skill, training, and vision to work toward an ideal design solution.
  • Prepare clear representations of design information for Client review.
  • Clearly articulate aspects of potential solutions to the Client to assist them in understanding and evaluating.


Devote energy to understanding designs and the concepts behind them. Ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback. Review information in a timely manner to keep the project moving forward.


A fundamental design solution represented with simple, scaled drawings of plans and exteriors.