nautilus Phase 3 - Design Development

The schematic design evolves into a building design through refinement, development, and specificity.


  • The interior spaces are drawn and articulated with cabinetry, fixtures, lighting and finish treatments.
  • The exterior elevations are refined through specific window and door sizes and placement, trim details, and finish treatments.
  • The palette of materials and finishes for the interior and exterior is established.
  • Option: a preliminary cost estimate for the project is obtained through communication with one or more prospective general contractors.


  • Design interior spaces, develop plans and exteriors, create lighting and electrical layouts.
  • Prepare clear representations of design information for Client review.
  • Clearly articulate aspects of potential solutions to the Client to assist them in understanding and evaluating.
  • Use state-of-the-art software to generate 3D renderings of exterior and interior spaces.


Take the time necessary to understand the designs and concepts behind them. Ask questions, make suggestions, provide feedback. Review material samples and appliance and fixture selections. Review information in a timely manner to keep the project moving forward.


A comprehensive set of drawings representing plans, exteriors and interiors.